is it possible to show c++ coding output which was made in empty project to windows form application program??
I made windows form for example i used spiltcontainer toolbox for panel 2 contains my c++ console output
i expect someone's reply
thank you

AS I understand your question well:
What you want is a windows form app with two splitted panels.
One containing the code and the other the output?

um actually right.
more detaily if i write number in left panel, right panel show the output.
i already made that algorithm c++.

I assume you're using VS.
Try to put 2 textboxes in the 2 panels. Set their property Multiline to true.
Hope it helps.

um.. can you explain more detail??
i just include my cpp file and header file and run it.
it can't run and show fatal error LNK1313: ijw/native module~~
what should i write some code in panel2 in textbox??

I don't know what you are actually doing in your code.