Please I need a complete Dev c compiler with most intersting hearders like the graphics hearder.
Or complete method to add them, cause i have added lately and had no good results.
I have stormed the net but cant find one.

There are many for just about any operating system. What OS are you running, and where did you look? GNU has compilers for just about anything.

Fon_1: Just to clarify the matter, are you looking for any C compiler, or specifically looking for an installation of the Dev-C++ Integrated Development Environment (which is not itself a compiler - the compiler it uses is the aforementioned GCC) and all of the additional libraries that go with it?

In the former case, I would recommend Pelles C as a good C compiler and IDE combination. It is specifically a C compiler, and unlike (say) GCC, it will not compile C++, but that may be just what you need. It includes a fairly complete set of libraries, though if you need a specific one that it doesn't include you may have some problems.

If it is the latter, then I recommend getting the Orwell Dev-C++ distribution; the older Bloodshed Dev-C++ version is a decade out of date. As for the packages that go with it, if you RTFM, you'll find that it includes a package manager that should allow you to download most of the tools you might want.