I think this is a simple problem maybe on settings, I dont know but when I select a control in any form , even the form itself it doesn't look selected. What i mean is usual behaviour should show like square or dots around the control when we select or click it during design time, mine is that it is selected in document view but not in control itself. Just plain same as unselected. This can be deceiving because it looks nothing is selected. I cant give visual sample now because my problem prevents me to.

Thanks a lot

Do you have an up to date AV, I'm not sure but I don't think IDE wouldn't show if you have selected a control, maybe there is a hidden program running which is set to top the most and was maybe hidden using transparent, try checking also your processes and see a process you haven't seen and stop it, also perform a full scan with your AV.


It might be as simple as your controls are locked. When you select a control like a button or something, do you see a padlock icon in the upper right corner of that control? If so, right click on an empty area of the form and select "Lock Controls" to unlock them.



The problem is during design time, so there's no hidden program running. I tried to restart VS Studio, selected a controls and it appears selected, but after selecting it again, there goes the problem.

It's not locked as well, i can't see any dots, padlock or anything around the control when i click it. double clicking it shows the code window. It means, in reality the control is selected but not showing any sign of being selected

What version of Visual Studio are you using and are you using any 3rd party controls such as Telerik or DevExpress?

VS 2010 professional
No im not using 3rd party controls

Any chance you can attach an example project that reproduces this issue.

I'll try if it can accept the size of my project

Hi djjeavons,

Do I nid to upload the whole project or just a sample form?

The size of my project is quite big

If you can replicate the behaviour in a new project then that would be better.

Im afraid i cant replicate it since there's no problem in my other projects,
anyway ill attach one form, maybe it can help u

update: I can select the control now but selecting them all makes my cursor blink, like forming a cross shape then back to arrow then cross shape repeatedly

Sorry i cant upload it, max file size is 1mb only

Sometimes project files get scrambled. Try the following:

  • start Visual Studio and create a new project
  • start another Visual Studio session and load your problem project
  • do CTRL-A to select all the controls on the form
  • paste the controls in the new project form
  • go to the old project and CTRL-A to select all of the code
  • paste it into the new project code window
  • save and run the new project

Hi Jim,

I followed your advice, unfortunately same problem persists. I can no longer continue what im currently doing. Even my other projects have errors

Designer Disabled

Hi, I uploaded a sample from my project, A single form actually

Please see it from the site provided from my last previous post


additional information

this usually happens after selecting a panel on my form.

If I do not select any panel, no problem on designing, my problem is I have lots of panels