I've been working on a project when suddenly an error occured when I clicked a control
and shows a error picture on the control. I'ved attached a picture for reference. I continued working ignoring the error which led me to my previous problem which is still unsolved

Unusual behavious in selecting control

Please help me

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done reisntalling visual studio but no luck

im using visual studio 2010 professional



What about a backup of your project when every thing still was O.K.?
What I would be doing is:
1) Remove all powerpck controls from your project
2) Remove all poerpck controls from the toolbox
3) Go to the menu bar to Build
4) In build use Clean Solution and run this
5)In Build run Rebuild Solution
This at least should give you a working solution again. Then I would remove all instance of powerpack from vs and load the newest version down and install this and make sure you only use one version of powerpack which was mentioned somewhere on the net.
If nothing helps, maybe zipping your project and posting here so we can have a look might be a way.
Good luck


Removing of powerpack controls in my project.. Done
Removing of powerpack controls in Toolbox.. Done
Cleaning Solution.. Done
Rebuilding.. Done

Error no longer shows as of now but leads me still to this problem

Unusual Behaviour

I uploaded one form from my project

Thanks for your time


In the resx of your first zip file you still have a reference to the powerpack. Try to import the original resx file into your project and do a rebuild. Keep backups. Good luck.


sorry if im lost,

Do i need to remove controls reference to powerpack? or do i need to remove the powerpack from the references of my project properties? cause this will result to lots of errors


O.K. so you did all the cleaning and rebuilding. Now, if I open your Breakage.Designer file I still can see references to the powerpacks. You need to remove these as well and the shapes you still might have in your forms. Also I just imported your file into a project and that works O.K. So make a copy of your project with the errors and import the 3 files that worked well into your stuffed project. You can do this from the menu bar-> Project-> import existing file.

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I can't see any shapes from my form reference to powerpacks, even in Breakage.Designer file. It may exists in 'Friends withEvents' function in the buttom of designer file but i converted it as comment using the single qoute.

I tried to import working form from my pervious projects, it also displayed error.

I also noticed everytime I close VS, it is still running in task manager

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