hello guys i have to make a simple game project , i not know game programming , any body help me where to start game programming

Why do you "have to make a simple game project"? What type of game? What platform will it be played on?

i have to make a game for window pc .simplest 2D game

So what have you got? Games are not my specialty but you are being so vague that you will have a very hard time getting anyone to help. Plus, this seems like it's a school project, for sure you're not going to get someone from this awesome forum to do your homework for you.

Haha, you are right Stuugie, but i will suggest him a basic GLBasic Project if you really want to know game programming and its logic, then GlBasic will assist you to know all the basic concepts!

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sdltutorials.com is a good start.
If you don't like SDL there is SFML-dev.org. Again the tutorials from sdltutorials.com can be used in SFML with minor modifications. :wink:

i have to make a game for window pc .simplest 2D game

Yes, but why? Is this for a homework assignment, or simply for your own interest in the subject? What are the requirements? What kind of game - a Pac-Man style maze game, a Tetris clone, a side-scroller, an Invader game, a Breakout style wall-smasher, or something else entirely? What kind of deadline do you have? Are there requirements for the tools you can use (a specific platform - you said Windows PC, but that could mean a lot of things, including an MS-DOS program running in DosBox - a specific library, a specific compiler)? Are you writing it in Standard C++ with a suitable graphics library, or a dialect such as C++/CLR whic has a default library included? There are still a lot of details missing for us.