hello guys i have to make a simple game project , i not know game programming , any body help me where to start game programming

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Why do you "have to make a simple game project"? What type of game? What platform will it be played on?


So what have you got? Games are not my specialty but you are being so vague that you will have a very hard time getting anyone to help. Plus, this seems like it's a school project, for sure you're not going to get someone from this awesome forum to do your homework for you.


Haha, you are right Stuugie, but i will suggest him a basic GLBasic Project if you really want to know game programming and its logic, then GlBasic will assist you to know all the basic concepts!

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sdltutorials.com is a good start.
If you don't like SDL there is SFML-dev.org. Again the tutorials from sdltutorials.com can be used in SFML with minor modifications. :wink:


i have to make a game for window pc .simplest 2D game

Yes, but why? Is this for a homework assignment, or simply for your own interest in the subject? What are the requirements? What kind of game - a Pac-Man style maze game, a Tetris clone, a side-scroller, an Invader game, a Breakout style wall-smasher, or something else entirely? What kind of deadline do you have? Are there requirements for the tools you can use (a specific platform - you said Windows PC, but that could mean a lot of things, including an MS-DOS program running in DosBox - a specific library, a specific compiler)? Are you writing it in Standard C++ with a suitable graphics library, or a dialect such as C++/CLR whic has a default library included? There are still a lot of details missing for us.

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