i've made the game Othello in java and i need a way to display to the player, the move the computer did.
i can't just return a-6 or d-5 because the size of the board can be changed.
anyone has a way?
thank you in advance :)

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i just need a way of showing the player,the move the computer just made.
normally i have a 8x8 game board but it can be changed to 6x6 or something like that.
if it was constant i could have added to the side of the board a line that says" a b c d..." according to the row and "1 2 3 4 .." according to the column and then when a move is made i can just say the move was to a-4.
but if the size is changing how can i do it? say the index of the move is (4,4), i can just write that the move was to (4,4) but it would force the user to start counting rows and columns everytime.
any ideas please?


but how will the player know where is a-6?i need to adjust the numbers and letters surrounding the board everytime the size is changed?

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