I have been used to using Access where sub forms can be simply dragged into a main form. Can I do this in VB 2005 Express Edition or does it have to be entirely coded?

If it is possible then could anyone help me see my way through?

Many thanks


Moving this to the .NET forum, since vb 2005 express is based on the .NET platform.


You might achieve a similar functionality by coding your sub froms as UserControls; choose Project->Add User Control.

Loren Soth

Many thanks. Yes I think this is the only way I am going to do it. The Main form is related to the main table and the secondry form is the many part of the equation. How do I actually show the many records side. Do you have any sample codes I could look at?

My database is simple. It has three main tables. A tbl_Tutors which gives all perosnal details (name, address etc). The second form show the qualifcations (tbl_Qualifications) the tutor has and third form (tbl_prof_details) has things like observation and appraisal dates.

I want the tutors to be able to ennter their personal details and then on directly to their quals and professional details. As I am a newbie any help would be greatly appreciated.




You can generate an SQL statement "Select * from tbl_Qualifications where tutorID = xxx" and fill a dataset with the result and show it using a datagrid control.

Loren Soth