I need to use Drools 6.2.0.Final. Is it possible to use Guvnor with it? Any example?

Thank you.

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I re-read your top question "Is it possible to use Guvnor with it? Any example?"

You may want to lead with another question like "How to learn to use this with that?" I found the link given to answer your first question positively and inside the page examples were given.

But your reply tells you really had a different question in mind. Try making a new post with the real questions.


I am not sure that it is possible... For example, if somebody will ask me question "Can I create DLL using Java?", I will answer "No.". So, I expected here similar answer. :)


What is not possible? I read more about Drools. "A range of support packages are available including up to mission critical 24/7, as well as training and consultancy via our Global Professional Services unit. Email sales@jboss.com for more details."

The support and training is Global.

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