HI, With Win32::GUI - need to create a window with scroll bar , within a main window. This second window (child of a main window) will hold different buttons/checkboxes ,etc , and will have a scroll bar . Did not find so far any package in win32::GUI that will enable me to achieve the above. Help appreciated. thanks

my $main = Win32::GUI::Window->new( -name => 'Main',-width => 860,-height => 950, ,-pos => [700,10]);
my $frame5 = $main->AddGroupbox(-width => 490,-height => 675,-vscroll =>1,-pos => [ 2, 88 ]);

..now fill this new Groupbox with different controls that exceed the bax height.
The scroll bar is there,but will not scroll (inactive)

If you read the module documentation, you will see that the developer hasn't decided the functionality of -vscroll option yet... Therefore, I can't tell you any further info.