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Don't. graphics.h comes from the old wild west days of C++ and is not portable/standard.

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As NathanOliver said, the Borland graphics.h header, and the library it declares, are not standard C++; indeed, there is no standard graphics package for C++. The Turbo C++ package, furthermore, was specific to MS-DOS, and while programs written for it would work under Windows in the command shell prior to Windows Vista, the removal of 16-bit support in Vista and subsequent Windows versions means that it won't even run in current versions of Windows without using a DOS emulator.

There are a few ports of the graphics.h to Windows, for the sake of backwards compatibility, but none of them are complete, and they all reimplement the library in different ways. I don't know of any that work with Visual Studio 2013, and in any case, they were never the preferred means for writing Windows console programs, never mind GUI programs.

But this is all secondary, as the question itself assumes the answer - you've presented us a Shoe Or Bottle Problem for which the best answer is, 'stop what you are doing and reconsider'. In order to help you in a meaningful way, you would need to tell us what you are trying to accomplish, not the tools which you want to use.

So: what is it you are trying to write? Until we know that, we cannot help you.

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