I saw the code snippet by vicki_dev for drawing a function using turbo C on windows and wondered if there was anything like this or even this code with the calls to the OS inline. I don't have an OS on the embedded systems I work on and need a way to plot functions on a monochrome 128 x 64 bit graphics display. Thanks in advance for the advice.


It sounds like you have to set bits to toggle pixels on the display?

Or does the display have an embedded driver to respond to ANSI tty commands?

Yes, it is just setting the bits on and off. The driver to the display sets up the signal sequencing and address and row columns, I have the primitives to do this portion but what I think I need is the functions that turbo C does if more then this. There is no ANSI tty commands. They are basically a row and column address. So the trick is to scale the graph which I think Viky does, then determine where on the graph the data is to go. It is monochrome so there is only on and off.

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