Hi Dw.

I have a question of how can one detect a program attempting execute/run and also most importantly how to allow/deny programs to execute/run.

I'm sure we all have came across with UAC where it ask you to allow or deny that program from running, normally this for elevating privileges to Admin, but I don't want to use UAC rather want to create something working like it except that UAC only notify on privilege elevation but mine I want it to detect a program that is attempting to execute then ask a user if s/he wants to grant or deny that particular program from running.

Thank you.

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And you want this in .java ?
remember that any Java application is running inside a JVM and has little to no influence on what happens outside of that VM.

Oops I thought maybe java can have some support for this. I guess the language perfect for this is C++. Will start another thread there regarding this and when I get some help will then post the thread link here.

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