I am using eclipse 4.4 luna, where i created the web application project as my project is to be deployed on app engine. So when i try to run the project, there is no 'run on server' option to run the project on Tomcat. Please help me, am stuck on this for almost 3 hours and didn't find any posts in google either to address this problem.

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you really tried for 3 hours and couldn't find a single bit of documentation on how to deploy something to Tomcat?
Did you not ever come to the conclusion that maybe the product documentation for Tomcat would be a good place to start?
That maybe you are going to have to think beyond clicking some button in Eclipse to make it work?

A quick Google search on "eclipse app engine tomcat deploy" yielded over 400.000 results.
There should be something in there that helps you along...
For example: <br/>
https://developers.google.com/eclipse/docs/appengine_deploy or <br/>
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27790309/how-to-deploy-web-application-onto-google-app-engine <br/>
Really, you could have been up and running in under a minute if you'd actually put in any effort whatsoever rather than twiddling your thumbs for hours and then coming here to ask someone to do it for you.

i did search in google too, but i only got results for deplying the dynamic project. I wanted to deplay a web application project onto Tomcat using eclipse.

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