Hi i am Robin from Bangladesh. I am a student of CSE(Computer Science Engineering). My dream is want to Job in Google thats why good and best programming is need to know for that. But i will never to try for best code typing like as lazy or sleepy. I know if i continiued this type than never chance to Google. But how to improve from this situation please help me all how to be a good prorammer just know about some c programming plese

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Hi, Robin welcome to DaniWeb. :)
The only way is practice, practice and practice.
No one has ever become a good programmer bij watching the grass grow.
For C there are tons of tutorials on the web.
Search and start there.

Hello, Robin!

Might I suggest you read the following excellent article by Peter Norvig: "Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years". Here's the link: http://norvig.com/21-days.html

I hope you find the article insightful.

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hai friends iam pavan kalyan from andhra pradesh.Iam a student of cse.i want to get job campus placements but i don't know programming how to write my own for the real life problems.plz help me how can i write code in my own way plz suggest me friends

Hi Pavan,

Being new at Daniweb, you may not know it is considered inappropriate to 'hijack' some one else's question. So ... please start a new 'thread' with your own question. It seems that your question here is similar to the original posters (OP's) question ... (and to many previous posters here at Dani's place) ... so please just search/read the replys already given ... or ask a new question in a new thread if your question is about a different subject matter. If you want help ... re. coding in C ... re. a solution to a particular problem, you need to firstly make your own best attempt at a solution and then show us the code that you have tried ... and where you think the problem is. Please note that there are very many free tutorials on the web re. 'Learning to Program in C' (or other programming languages - Please see the links provided above, for example.)

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