AleMonteiro 238 Can I pick my title?

Hello my friends, I'm re-thinking my project and I'd like some opnions...

Goal: An WebServer/Stream Server easially deployed in any Windows or Linux(Using Mono), with no dependecy on previous installed software(except for Mono).

The basic app usage: The user will be able to select multiple folders(with music, videos and photos) and give it a name. This selection of folder will be served by the app as an web page with it's content displayed, once the user viewing this page selects an midia, it starts the streaming.

Some history...I started this project in and was able to do it all, because IIS 7+ handles all the streaming nicely, but this wouldn't be used by many non-IT people, I think.

So I decied to try something with no dependencies... and began tinkering with custom HTTP Server, based on this open source:
And the HTTP it's almost done, resolving paths and simple mime-types like html, css and js. I mean, I could already serve a simple website with it.

My problem really began with streaming! And I'm kind of stuck on it. I saw a great deal of examples of how to do it with vlc, iis, voice chat .net to .net but I wasn't able to find much about streaming midia to web(only with

The basic question is: How do I stream with C# so that an URL like http://localhost:1234/some.mp3 starts playing in the browser

I thought about using SoundPlayer, but I could only find method for setting up the file stream, not the output stream(that would go to the browser).

This was on my mind for a while but I didn't tried much for a while, so before I began again, I tough you guys could give me some better guidance =)

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