hi :)))
I want to ask about sth wich is > I have to write a programme using netbeans ..which I'm new with it !
that programme should let the user to enter the book name ,serial num. ,price ..etc in text fields , and I have buttons that let the user to save these informations or to update the information of a certain book or delete that book ,or search for that book !
the problem that I have is that I don't have any idea what is the best way to code that !!
I mean what should I use to code a file that can recieves all these information and at the same time these information can be changed by the user !
I've tried to make an array of list that saves the information of each book ,and that book made as an object !! but I didn't know how to continue with that !! this is why I'm asking !
plz help me :(

A list of Book objects is a very good start. You can add Books to it, or delete them, or update them by changing the values in their variables. For the changes you will probably need some kind of search method to get the right Book basd on its name or serial number etc.
If you wany to store that data between runs of your program then you will need some kind of external storage - eg an SQL database or a file.
You can store a whole list of objects in to a file and retrieve the whole list very easily, eith using the Serializable interface (for a binary file) or XMLEncode/XMLDecode (for a readable text XML file). You will find info on all that on the web.

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