Hi all;
How can i ordering files in the package ,,,,java netbeans ordering files by name ,,,
i want to move up or down to exganges positions of files in package....
i press click on it and move up or down but isn't work....!!!
package filename:
i want to ordering arbitrary ,,how can i do this???

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As far as I know you can't - it's alphabetical. And judging by the lack of responses it looks like nobody has any better answer.

commented: Why did my kid play the alphabet song a billion times. +8

change the names to

But this makes no sense at all. If you're packages are hard to overview, you are using poorly chosen names, or have way too much classes in your packages.

Ok thanks ,,i do this but this is not practical ,,,,so ,is there any other way to order???

Mar. Na, the point is, they are ordered. It makes little to no sense to order them in another way, it won't change the functionality in any way, nor will it change the code, so what is the point?

Ok...thank you very much for your help. ..I ordered them according to your way....thank you.

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