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I'm working on a website that uses System.Runtime.MemoryCache to cache information from a SOAP service that's running on another server. I'll start out by saying that I don't know a lot about the application or how the cache works, the issue however is that I just finished migrating the application to a new windows 2012 server from windows 2008 and upgraded the version of IIS that it was running under from 7 to 8. After performing the migration, I noticed a performance decrease in the page load times for some of my more heavy pages. After diagnosing the pages and determining that it was the call to read from the cach that seemed to decrease in performance, I ran a large series of test, one of which being stepping one by one through my code in the remote debugger, to prove that the cache was actually functioning the way it was supposed to. It was.

Now I'm not sure were to look to begin performance tuning this new server. Experience tells me that it's got a configuration setting that's different between the old server and the new server or that it's got to be some sort of infrastructure issue.I'm not at liberty to share any information about the infrastructure of the web server I'm working on, so if that information is needed to help, I'm sorry.

Does anyone have a general idea where I might be able to start digging to discover anything about this performance decrease?

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