Hello guys, good morning.

Please help me in resolving this issue.. I am encountering one pc which the user of it having problem in terms of speed in her applications.

What should I do?

I have already check its start up applications and doing some maintenance some time.

Well, I'm still a noob but I don't think even the most experienced among us would be able to help you with this issue as you have'nt given any info on the computer, operating system, or the applications you are referring to.

I can say that if the computer has a slow HDD , apps will be slow to open and you may consider installing a new fast SSD as they are so inexpensive now.

We would need alot more info. Slowdown can occur because of any number of issues. From HD issues, to memory issues, to bad cabling, to incorrect network settings.... Just to name a few.

Give details on the machine, compare to a working machine, what have you checked already and what clues can you provide.