Hi, I've recently been assigned a task in a new job where I have to compare XML paths against Acord XML paths to find out what the ancestor path is. I've never done anything like this before and just want to check that I am doing it correctly because i've asked many of times for someone to show me how to do it so don't want to ask them again. An example I was giving was:


compared against 


equals in the ancestor path for both being parent.

Another example I was shown, is:


compared against 

WorkCompLineBusiness.WorkCompRateState.CreditOrSurcharge[CreditSurchargeCd = "RTWRK"].NumericValue.FormatCurrencyAmt.Amt

resulted in the top one being parent and the second one being:
WorkCompLineBusiness.WorkCompRateState.CreditOrSurcharge[CreditSurchargeCd = "RTWRK"]

So i think I understand how they are done but now I am hitting ones like:


compared with 

WorkCompLineBusiness.WorkCompRateState.CommlCoverage[CoverageCd = "WVSUB" && CoverageDesc = "Second Waiver"].CurrentTermAmt.Amt

The way I'm looking at this is that CommlCoverage[...] in the second one doesn't map to anything in the first, is this correct? If not, what would the ancestor paths be for both?

Sorry if this is a really silly question, I'm only used to coding in .net and C# so have never done anything like this before.

Thanks in advance.

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This is not silly question, in fact its quite challenging one......
First - its not path but PATCH......
Second - why not to use one of many comparators online? Its quicker. Just not to look too long: http://prettydiff.com/
There is source code hosted on GH, so maybe its good starting point for you to catch an idea how its built.

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