Ok excuse my stupidity here but I have a sitemap for my site http://www.bongal.com/sitemap.xml but I wish to make an rss feed using the content in the sitemap. I dont want to have to waste my coders time with this but wondered if there is a simple way to do it? I basically only want to RSS content from my groups which are bongal.com/group/... Any suggestions?

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An RSS feed is not meant to contain so many items, but to display just the latest/changed ones. If you still want to convert this XML, I suggest you use an XSLT transformation from the sitemap to the feed. You still need to know coding, so I suggest you DO let your coders handle this.

if possible hand over rss and sitemap stuff to coder, other way is the usage of online coversion tools available that will guide to the process from sitemap to RSS.

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