Hello C++ Programmers;

I would like to ask about running multiple text file;

this text file don't have specific name;

This one folder (Text Folder) have only text file (no specific counts);

if there is other file like .xlsx or .jpeg or .bat or .etc. will be ignored;

once I run my .bat file:

START C:\Desktop\Sample\sample.exe

This one folder (CSV Folder) which is empty; will be filled CSV file same name with the text file but ofcourse it will be save as CSV;

I have the working code for text file going CSV File.

How to process the whole folder that have text file going to empty folder to be CSV file;


The working code can only process one text file to one CSV file;

and the file name was included to the code for both files.

Was my logic is right? the C++ will do the job and not the batch file?

Thank you ; & ; God Bless;


Can you atleast show some code mate.?
We dont do homework here. We assist with homework.

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