I was able to get the ComboBox to load a list of files from a directory.
but, now i am trying to get the contents of that file output to a TextBox or richTextBox.

I am able to use this to output to another ComboBox(however, this is not what i need...):
//code for codebox to codeBox output

string[] files = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(@"c:\scripts");

        string[] lineOfContents = File.ReadAllLines(comboBox1.Text);
        foreach (var line in lineOfContents)
            string[] tokens = line.Split(',');
            //end of codebox to codebox output.

However, I can't get the entire file to go to a Textbox.
When i use <this.richTextBox1.Text = comboBox2.Text;>
it only pulls the selected line of th text from the combobox and doesnt pull all lines of the .TXT as its split into seperate lines.

Summary: I cant seem to to pull all Lines of text from the textfile listed within the combobox into a Richtextbox by using the combobox to retrieve the list of files first.

  • am I making this too complicated and just missing something very simple??

I can use radio buttons to push the contents of the file to the RichTextBox.... something about loading from combobox to TextBox is not working.

Thank you in Advance!!!


Why you use the second combobox???


    string[] lineOfContents = File.ReadAllLines(comboBox1.Text);
    this.richTextBox1.Lines = lineOfContents;


    // Now you have a file content in a single string
    string lineOfContents = File.ReadAllText(comboBox1.Text);
    // Split string to tokens
    string[] tokens = lineOfContents.Split(',');
    // Now tokens is an array of all strings from the file w/o commas
    this.richTextBox1.Lines = tokens;

I may have missed some point but I hope this helps.

Hi, I was using the second comboBox because that is all i could figure out to get it to transfer the entire contents of the file to the ComboBox.

I cant see it now.. but, there was another post earlier today from : I think... Taafa?

  foreach (string line in File.ReadAllLines(comboBox1.Text))
                richTextBox1.AppendText(line.Split(',')[0] + "\n");

and this worked. - I FEEL stupid. because i have been trying to figure this out for about 2 days.

I didnt use LineOfContents.. .I was trying to use StreamWriter/Reader ...

Thank you all so much for providing me with the answer.!
If i could see the other guys answer. i would like to vote both of you guys up!

Kind regards,

also Teme64, Thank you! works like a charm! this encourages me to keep on keepin' on!

Have a great day!

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