i want to make an artificial system in c++ language for a doctor or any judge that will take input from the user and by using rule of inference it will display the result as true or false, can anybody help me to solve this problem

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This will be a hard nut to crack I guess.

commented: Well there's an understatement for us :p +13

i you got the code of this problem than email it to me too.

If you think this is just a "problem" that is solved with a bit of code, you're the problem. Solve that problem first.

First, study AI for about 4 years at a college level. Next, learn CLIPS because an inference engine needs a rule engine to work. While you are doing that, learn to program in LISP and Prolog which are the two major AI programming languages. I have a nice shelf of books that are standards in the domain... FWIW, I wrote a rule engine in C++ about 15 years ago that is used to help run semiconductor manufacturing plants. It is extensively used in most 300mm semiconductor fabs in the world today.

commented: Great! Now gimme the codez ;) +14

@pritaeas - The codez? I think they are on a disc around here, somewhere... :-)

FWIW, the code now belongs to Applied Materials, the 800lb gorilla of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and software.

:) I was expecting someone to post that in response to your reply.

commented: I also recommend studying neural network programming. +13

Haha, no thanks. Had some theory in uni, but am not interested.

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