input 5 numbers and print in ascending order in c++

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void main() 
    int a[5], n, i, j, temp; 
    cout<<"Enter the no. of elements:"; 
    cin>> n; 
    cout<<"Enter the array elements:"; 
    for(i=0; i< n; i++) 
    //------Operation part------- 
    for( i=0; i< n; i++) 
        for(j=i; j< n-1; j++) 
            if(a[i]> a[j+1] ) 
                temp= a[i]; 
                a[i]= a[j+1]; 
                a[j+1]= temp; 

    cout<<"Elements in ascending order:"; 
    for( i=0; i< n; i++) 
    cin>> a[i]; 
    getch (); 
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