Create a java that asks the User which laboratory exercise to perform. consider the following specifications:

The program must incorporate all your laboratory exercise you can use cases, and all must be running.

every option in the menu must have t lest a single sentence definition of what the exercise does.

you must also modify all programs wherein every after run, they need to go back to the said menu.

refer to the output below for details.

you have two sessions to complete this final program.

Sample output

java program collection- <full name>

a. Hello: ask the name of the user.

b. Array: Input elements and search for a specific key and prints a message.

c. MagicSquare: Displays [7][7] magic squaare.

d. Bubble Sort: Alphabetically sorts 20 employees using bubble sort.
e. Selection Sort: Alphabetically sorts 20 employees using Selection sort.

f. Insertion Sort: Alphabetically sorts 20 employees using Insertion sort.

g. Recursion: Run the factorial or the triangle application

h. Merge Sort: Performs the merge sort of the triangle application.

i. Stacks_1: Perform reversal of string.

j. Stacks_2: Perform infix notation or postfix notation.


Create a simple program that asks a user to input a string and reverses the string..

The program should be able to print how the string is reversesd and display the reversed string.


Create a program that asks a user to choose hich conversion teh program should perform: infix notation to postfix notataion and vice-versa.

The program then asks for an input of the choosen conversion to perform.

There is no need to display the process of conversion to perform..

The program should simply display the converted notation.

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