Hello all, so I was thinking of either creating or downloading a prebuilt C# web bot for one of my business applications. The idea is to provide the web bot with credentials for a password protected site, and have it download zip/text files from probably 3 seperate URLs. I was hoping to automate a particular business procedure, but the web bot would probably need to implement most of the things that an actual browser does. I want it to look like an actual user so the site doesn't actually think we are a bot, so it would proabably need to implement things such as cacheing, cookies, etc.

My hope is that there is already something vetted which is open source, free, and pre-built as I cannot justify spending too much time on this particular project.

You could probably knock up a script to do that in under an hour with AutoIt by automating via the DOM, an actual Internet Explorer instance. But requires you to use windows OS.

But I suspect some sort of http voodoo would yield the same results.