we have the following code: I get the response (ValueError: Mixing iteration and read methods would lose data) Any help
def extract_data(filename):

def extract_data(filename): 
    infile=open(filename, "r")
    v0 = infile.next() #or []/{}/
    for line in infile.readlines():

    return v0, t

v0, t = extract_data("ball_file.txt")

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def extract_data(filename):
    with open(filename) as infile:
        v0 = next(infile)
        return v0, list(infile)

Note that this will fail if there is no line in the file.

Also, next takes an optional default argument so you can easily call v0 = next(infile, None) and check the value of v0 before proceeding...

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