Hi guys,
** Im an IT Intern Student here in the Philippines. they gave me a project which is File transferring, copy and delete. I started my OJT/Internship 3 weeks ago. and that entire week, all I have done is the design :( My professors in our university did not teach us the C# (Visual Basic Studio). I want to show you my design..

  ![ The file type - is a field that will let you type the file that you want to transfer. for example, if you type the (.txt) file type, it will automatically appear all the .txt files..
   The Calendar - will let you choose on what day do you want to transfer/delete it automatically to another destination. *that's why you have the combo box (copy & delete)

   I hope I can get some ideas to you guys..

   The 2 richtextbox under the calendar will be the sight where you will transfer or copy or delete the file..

   I hope you will help me with my project :( thank you very much in advance!

 ](/attachments/large/4/7f0fb3dd9a6be81e01032b0b6f93c35b.JPG "align-center")

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Have a look here. And here.

One note on your design, you should change the select file type from typing to a drop-down list instead. Put most of common use file type in the list. For the rest, put them as 'All Files' which is .. This way, your program could have some control over the user input (which may break your program).

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