Hello DaniWeb Users/Programmers,

I don't know if I post this on the right thread but I already post in Linux and Unix Thread

but the cause I try ask in here is because it is programming related.

I am a window user but trying to use linux for some purpose.

In Microsoft Excel we can manipulate macros, functions, VBA,,.. etc..

So I was trying to do it in LibreOffice the LibreOffice Basic

I have a hard time to understand things like it can create button but unfortunately I can't or I don't know how I can add code for this button.

What really I want to do is, sum of C2 up to J2 [ =sum(C2:J2) ]

If I click this button it will sum the C2 up to J2 and result in cell AJ2

PS: I've been looking for some videos and tutorial but maybe only few using LibreOffice Basic

Thank you and God Bless


Your example of summing a rance of columns or rows should work with LibreOffice Calc just like it does with Excel. Have you tried that?

Hello Sir Rubberman,

If putting in 1 cell? yes sir but want to try it in codes like in VBA

for future development of one click then all done.

I have many columns and rows to do that so I want to do one click and no more manual typing of formula+cell column and row.

Thank you and God Bless


I would say that you need to get acquainted with Libre Calc's IDE. There's a lot of information out there on the internets. Try starting with the basics, which you can find from Libre help - here.