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hello am a newbie in java programming and i need help in viewing images automatically but i was only able to do this:


what traffic? what control? What scope?
A complete traffic management system for any real life scenario is a massively complex piece of software and hardware that requires dozens of people to build over a period of months or years and a similarly large team of full time experts in their fields to maintain.

You're not going to build anything like that as a schoolkid who's too lazy to even copy the text of his homework assignment here :)


What if this was looked at from a systems analyst point of view. They might consider increasing fees exponentially in areas of over congestion. That would certainly be a way to control traffic.

For traffic control, it's more than a complex piece of software and hardware. You also have fees and system (road management) to put into the design.


I bet it is an assignment from a concurrent programming class. :P I had that before when I was in school. Fun but stressful when things don't work the way they should!

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