Hi, I am a student with a basic knowledge of C#. For my project, I would like to build a logic gate simulator that could teach someone about the basics of Gates. I have seen this done before and always wanted to have a go myself. My starting point, I think, would be to treat each Gate as an 'object'. Where can I get assistance/tutorial from here ?

You'll get help right here.
The Amount of help is usually directly proportional to the effort you are willing to put in yourself.

Do you have anything at all, yet?

I would start simple by creating simple classes for logic gates, for example.

class AndGate
        public bool GetOutput(bool a, bool b)
            return (a && b);

"&&" is the logical "And" operator.
That's a simple start to think about.

Just so happens, one of my(too many?) projects is trying to build an IC simulator.
I started with defining a pin. Be aware that this is just a sketch.

struct port
        public port(portIOtype pIO, signal sig)
            portIO = pIO;
            state = sig;
            pinNr = 0; 
            pinName = string.Empty;

        public string pinName { get; set; }

        public int pinNr { get; set; }

        public signal state { get; set; }

        public portIOtype portIO { get; set; }

        //public port connection ?;