I am very much interested in learning programing and software development skills. However i know sotware testing skills, knowledge of hardware, software applications, information security, networking. I do lot or research to learn to develop and desing website with databse integration. I am not financially fit to invest in all the pripherals involved in this process but i feel some confusiion in unterstanding this technology to demonstarte with my team by looking at their faces. As i feel they know every thing what the organizaiton need but I dont know anything. Please help me to get started with programming and development.



You have tagged various programming languages, but I do not get really your point, can you give specific question or your problem. Anything showing were you are stuck and we could advice you.

Decide what type of development you want to do. This is quite important, since not every programming language is (as) suited for every programming task.

The best way to start is to look into the official documentation, the official tutorials, and to buy a good book and start from the beginning. Don't expect to become a programmer overnight, but take your time to understand it just right.

Thank you @ stultuske, our organizational project has some combination of JBoss, XML, Oracle and Red Hat Linux. I begin into the all the basics of these that triggered me to learn properly to benefit out it. I have little confusion which one to focus on including my professional career interest Information Security and Compliance. In addition I have knowledge of Dos, Turbo C and C++ learned during 1995 where I can recall my memories by brush up the basics.