Hello everyone I am new to assembly and currently taking an online class over assembly. I am using x86 intel machine with AS. My project would like me to complete the following:

  • Show how decimal 65 would be stored in register EAX in 8, 16, and 32 bits using 3 successive register dumps.
  • Read decimal 66 from the keyboard and display equivalent ASCII character.
  • Convert this character to lower case using binary addition – display result.
  • Input the numbers 5 and 13, multiply them, and display result.

So far I have come up with :
Mov AL, 65
Call Dumpregs
. . .
. . .

I'm a bit confused and limited only to a text book. any help would be greatly appreciated !

; Anthony 

Include Irvine32.inc

main PROC

    mov al, 65
    call    DumpRegs
    mov ax, 65
    call DumpRegs
    mov eax, 65
    call DumpRegs  ; dump on you

main ENDP
END main

I already solved this guys but thanks for the hope of an answer :'D

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