Can someone help me figure out why is this not working.....
The program supposse to take the data i load into the hashmap from the file and look for the user enters. and suppose to output the answer based on the case. thanks

import java.io.File;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Scanner;

import javax.swing.InputMap;

public class Main {

    public static int menu() {

        int userChoice;
        Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);


        System.out.println("                Choose from these choices                          ");
        System.out.println("                -------------------------\n");
        System.out.println("1 - Type 1 to Enter an Abbreviation of the state you would like the population for. ");
        System.out.println("2 - Type 2 to Enter Name of the State you would like the population for. ");
        System.out.println("3 - Type 3 to find the population for whole United States(Census 2010). ");
        System.out.println("4 - Type 4 to Exit the Program.");

       userChoice = input.nextInt();
       return userChoice;

//Once you have the method complete you would display it accordingly in your main method as follows:

    public static void main(String[] args) {

         //int userChoice;
        //Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);

        int userChoice = menu();

        //from here I can either use a switch statement on the userchoice 
        //or I can use a while loop (while userChoice != the fourth selection
        //using if/else statements to do my actual functions for the given choices.
        File stateNames = new File("stateName.txt");
        Scanner scan1 = new Scanner(stateNames).useDelimiter("[,\n\r]+");
        Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);

        HashMap<String, String> states = new HashMap<>();

        String stateName;
        String stateAbbrev;

        /*while (scan1.hasNext()) {
            stateName = scan1.next();
            stateAbbrev = scan1.next();
            states.put(stateName, stateAbbrev); */

        int userchoice = 0;
        //String stateName;
        //String stateAbbrev;
        int statePop;

    Scanner selection =  new Scanner(System.in);

    userChoice = selection.nextInt();

    while {


            Case 1:

                Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);
                String state = input.nextLine();
                System.out.print("the abbreviation for " + stateName + "is " + stateAbbrev);



             input1 = new Scanner(System.in);
            String abbrev = InputMap.nextLine();
            System.out.println(stateAbbrev + stateName);


                input1 = new Scanner(System.in);
                System.out.println(stateAbbrev + statePop);

                case 4:


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This isn't working, because this will not compile. Java is case sensitive, meaning 'switch' and 'Switch' and 'case' and 'Case' are not the same things.

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