For the VB Studio 2010 software I developed, I'd like to include source code, a class maybe, written in VB (not c++) that allows me to get (and change) ID3 V1 and V2 tagging data from MP3 files. I've been looking for months and have found .exe's and someone else's idea of what music interfaces should do. Along with spam and unwanted apps, I get nothing else. Am I looking for something that doesn't exist? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, thank you for your reply. But as of May 2012, there was no write ability (still in the works). I noticed, thanks to you, that there was an update in 2013. I'll try it and see.

Thank you.


Perry's ID3 Tag Library still has no code for updating tags.

Thank you again.


I see more tag writers at http://id3.org/Implementations
For some this may mean too many choices.

PS. Sorry if you want source code. You can peruse the list at the link and see if they provide that. Some appear to do that.

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There are many, I looked at most of them. There are too many conditions I want met for this to be a legitimate request. (Visual Studio, VB, source code, not dll's, ID3 1 and 2 write capability, etc etc.). I'll close this thread, mark as answered (thank you) and wait for Perry Butler's unfinished work to complete.


I don't see where to mark this thread as Answered. It should be in my face but alas, it isn't.

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