public bool Kayit_Ekle()
            sorgu = string.Format("Insert Into [{0}] ([SERVİS FORM NO],[ÇAĞRI NO]) Values ({1},{2})", sheet, formno,cagrino);
            cmd = new OleDbCommand(sorgu, Baglan());
            int etkilenen = cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();
            if (etkilenen == 0)
                return false;
                return true;



Hello there,
I am writing recording program with c #. but I'm saving to excel. My question would be: I note excel data but does not start from the first row for example, it starts to record the thousandth continue to lower the bottom line .
my goal is to go down to the bottom line at a time to start recording from the first row .

Sorry for my bad english , I use translation .

Are you trying to keep a running counter that every new item you index is on a new row? (kind of like you would do if you inserted into a SQL server database)?

If the code isn't working you may want to check this link

It appears to be doing exactly what you are trying to do if I am reading this all correctly.

ZetExcel is an excellent excel SDK for.Net framework. The fastest and easiest way.

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