Is this the correct way to print char*? *I know c has the value I want because of the print statement below it. The o is not giving the value that I expect.

        char   out[50];
        char  *o = out;
        int    i = 118;
        *o++ = c;
        printf("o is %d (%c)\n", o[0], o[0]);
        printf("o is %d (%c)\n", o[1], o[1]);
        printf("o is %d (%c)\n", o[2], o[2]);
        printf("c is %d \n", c);

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So you incremented your pointer o. You're sort of lucky the compiler initialized your array.


So at line 3 o is point at out(0) and after line 4 o is pointing to out[1]. Code is not broke?

You're using post increment instead of pre increment. Which means the value of o changes after you assign c to it. Using pre increment o will increment then c will be assigned to it:

    *++o = c;
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