I. You are required to develop 
1.  Develop Problem Analysis Chart (PAC)                (5 marks)
2.  Interactivity Chart                         (5 marks)
3.  Input Process Output Chart(IPO)                 (5 marks)
4.  Algorithms and Flowcharts for the following problem:        (10 marks)

A lecturer calculates grades by dropping the lowest Assignment score from FIVE assignment scores and the lowest test score from FOUR test scores and adding the remaining scores together. He then calculates the final score as a percentage of the total points possible. The instructor needs to know the final points for a given student. Test your solution with the following data:
Total points possible—900 points
Enter student name: Johnson
Assignment scores: 45   46   4131 44
Test scores—95   84 75 98
Final Score:50%
Johnson scored 50% of the total points.
II. Write a JAVA program for the above mentioned problem.

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What have you done so far ?
Any analysis or way to go around the problem?
have you do any Object Oriented modeling ?

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