Hello to all! I want to make my netbeans project executable and portable. i write a program which connects to Ms access database and execute an Insert Query. My program is running successfully.

Now I want to made executeable of this project and want to run this executable on another computer, How can I do this? As you know that my project contains a ms access file also, should i copy data base to other computer also? Please tell me full and proper way.

And please also tell me to make a web application of java, executable and portable. just for practice, i made a small web application which takes input user's information(user name, father name, password) and registers him/her. And if the user has already registered then he logins and redirected to a Welcome page. My this app is also working successfully. Now I want to make executable of this application so that it can run on another computer(without having any IDE).

an ms access database? why on earth do you want to do that?
not only would it need the database, it had better have MS Office (at the very least Access) installed, and very few serious people would agree to use a MS Access database for a serious application.