hey, I'm making loan management system and I'm almost finished customers and loan registrations. Now I want to make ledger for each loan for it's settlements.
All loans are finished within 65 days.
I make settlement table and it has receipt_id, date_received,loan_id,amount.
I want to create 65 records on settlement table when new loan registerd. I don't know how to do or can do it.......
please help me

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The class for the table is called DataTable. The columns are called DataColumns and the rows with data are DataRows. These classes are present by default in a vb.net form applcation. The basic steps to add data to the data table are:

  • Instantiate a new DataTable
  • Add the appropriately named DataColumns
  • For each row of data create a new DataRow with the NewRow function of the DataTable and populate it with data.

Once the data has been entered you can show it in a DataGridView by making the DataTable its DataSource.

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