i have 2 combobox 1 is that to check if the status of the room is available or occupied.
i want to show my records into my combobox of what is the room type that is available.

for example:

cmbroom has two item the "delux" and the "ordinary" in my database.

i want to show it into cmbroom?

thanks in advance

While VB6 was good in its day, why not move into something less than a decade old? I worry that what you learn with VB6 won't apply to what you have in the workplace and beyond.

ahm its just a project and im a biggener in the world of VB6 or VB.net

As a beginner the lesson is this. Break down the problem to smaller steps. If a step is too hard, break it down as well. Repeat until you have steps you can do.

please help me i need to know please help me

Break it down to smaller steps. It won't do any good if someone writes the code here. You would be left with a system you don't understand.

What do you think is the first step?

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