Dear All ,

I am working on a project which will read a 1d barcode by a barcode scanner and once barcode is scanned this barcode will turn to product description and picture of the scanned product on the screen.

The aim is to show product details ( use, ingredients , picture ) once barcode is scanned.

How such project can be realised.

Thanks in advance.

Eddy Garcia

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Post a picture of one of the barcodes you are using.

You must have saved those information somewhere in your database. And then only you can display them after reading the barcode.

Most of the Barcode reader actually read the bar code and product its alphanumeric value.
So make a table like

id   Barcode   ProductName  Description  Image
1    ABCD12    XYZ Product  Computer     [Binary]
..   .....     .....        ......       ....

And then when a barcode is read just search the database for that barcode and you will get your result - display it.

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