Delete checked item (one or more) from listview I write this code.

  Dim x As Long
                For x = LVEmp.ListItems.Count To 1 Step -1
            If LVEmp.ListItems(x).Checked Then
                con.Execute "DELETE FROM stock WHERE [SrNo] = '" & LVEmp.ListItems(x).SubItems(1) & "'"

                LVEmp.ListItems.Remove x
            End If

        Set con = Nothing

but it show error massage:
run time error -2147217913 (80040e07)
data type mismatch in criteria expression.

It looks to me that the query is loking to compare numbers but you're giving it a string. Try converting the subitem value to a number and calling the query with that.

LVEmp.ListItems.Remove x
here x should be an object not a numerical value which is ListItem or Item.

For x = LVEmp.ListItems.Count To 1 Step -1
and also the loop should be

    For x = (LVEmp.ListItems.Count-1) To 0 Step -1

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In database it was numeric. so what problem?

How would you call an object by a numerical value ?
Whats ever it would be in your database, to remove an selected item from listview you must have to pick up the selected listitem object not the listitem index value.

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