I'm new to perl and I'm trying to compile a perl code that I downloaded from web. I'm getting the below error.


Can't locate docs/perlmod/DoxyDocs.pm in @INC (you may need to install the docs::perlmod::DoxyDocs module)

Where do I download DoxyDocs module from for linux? Please help me out.

You claim you want to compile Perl but didn't reveal which compiler you wanted to use. Maybe it's just a mistake here and you are running Perl?

Sorry if its too naive. I am runnign on Ubuntu and i'm using the default perl compiler present. (Perl verison : v5.18.2 for x86_64)

My perl program has the following line.
require "docs/perlmod/DoxyDocs.pm";

Hope this clarifies.

https://www.google.com/#q=is+perl+a+compiled+language answers that it's something in the middle. If you are compiling Perl then you need a Perl compiler and all the issues that it brings.

For this round I'm going with you are not compiling but using bog standard Perl.

This means your script seems to have run but there's more dragons here. You have a Perl script you didn't write so it's foreign to you and then you seem to be in need of Perlmod and Doxygen. How to install that varies with each Linux so go figure that out next.

Hi nikhil_7,

The error you have simply shows that you don't have the the module you intend to use . When this happens the first place of call to check is either CPAN or meta::cpan.

Check if the module you wanted is there. If not check the original script, maybe the author wrote h(is|er) own module. Then you can modify it for your own use.

Please, note that :: is simply / as shown in the error message. So the module you are looking for is the file that ended in .pm. Others are simply paths.
If you get the module you needed, installation is as simple as ABC. Because there is more than one way to make it work on any OS.

Hope this helps.