I want to know more about Bittorrent . Like , how it works . I'm not looking for an overview as i have a little knowledge about it . I want a deeper and a technical insight to it . Maybe if I could somehow get hold of the code . As i'm a total beginner it would be nice if anyone could suggest me a book about computer networking which will eventually help me understanding the Bittorrent protocol better . Thank you .

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Well i certainly get your point. Thank you for suggesting me the book . Well, please can you mention where did you find the source code for the protocol. That will be helpful.


Sorry but the book is not in PDF form for very good reasons. The author elected not to since my bet is they want to reap the benefits of selling it.

As to source, I think you must be pretty new to the web so here's how I looked for source.

Since you are new, the source files are off on another link like this one:

Dive in and soon you'll be able to find source code on your own.

Let's say you only need a primer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent seems high level enough and has many references to dig into as well.


BitTorrent is a content distribution protocol that
enables efficient software distribution and peer-to-peer
sharing of very large files, such as entire movies and
TV shows, by enabling users to serve as network redistribution points.


A/-Installing BitTorrent:=

1: Visit the BitTorrent website.
2: Download and install the client.
3: Ensure that file associations are correct
4: Allow BitTorrent in the firewall.
5: Set your preferences

B/- Downloading Torrent Files"=

1: Find a torrent tracker website.
2: Search for your desired file.
3: Download a torrent with plenty of seeders
4: Find a balance between size and quality.
5: Download a magnet link if available
6: Open the torrent file with BitTorrent.
7: Download a good movie player.

C/- Seeding a Torrent File:=

1: Seed after you finish downloading.
2: Maintain a good ratio.
3: Leave your torrent client running in the background.
4: Set up a ratio limit.

D/- Opening the Files Downloaded by Bittorrent:=

1: Many of the files you download will be in a compressed
form or a format that will not readily permit playing or
2: Create a new directory and move the downloaded file into it.
3: Scan the directory with your virus scanner.
4: Play or open the file.

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