Does this mean it is possible to study C FIRST and THEN 'add' C++ ?

You can study either in either order. C++ did not implement C 100%, there are a few differences.

if anything, is the significance of using an interpreter rather than a compiler ?

AFIK executation speed. It's a little like the difference between walking and riding in a car, they will both get you there but one will get you there a lot faster than the other.

Orwell Dev-C++:

It's nice only if you also like driving a Model-T automobile made 100 years ago.

It's nice only if you also like driving a Model-T automobile made 100 years ago.

Orwell is the current and maintained build of Dev-C++. If we were talking about the Bloodshed build I'd agree with you, but for those who like the Dev-C++ IDE, Orwell is a decent modern choice that won't hold you back.

starting with c is not a tough job yet,there needs a hardwork.for new learners learn c by balagurusamy and let us c by yeswant kanikar may be useful.

My turn to start on C - Thank you all for providing such a wonderful and detailed tutorial and link to super useful websites! Expect some interesting snippets soon (i hope)

hello guys.
I have recently learnt C in my course. It is a base language. If you want to learn c with the base then E balagurursamy is the best writer for it. And never depend on only one source. Instead of search it on many websites then prepare your notes. You will get very nice matter.

C is the very basic computer language .It is easy to learn.But nowadays its usage is very low.because of other advanced languages

Hey C is not used so much now a days. But it is a mother language. For example: at first we learn abcd means alphabets to play(learn) with english. Same here, when we learn other computer languages the basic fundas of that language comes from c. This is my experience because now i m learning data structures and c++ then the fundamental theme comes from c

Hey C is not used so much now a days. But it is a mother language.

It's probably used more than you think. ;) Also, C is closer to the middle of the programming language family tree. When speaking of languages in that subtree, the primary parent is ALGOL. Though it's not unreasonable to call C a parent as it's probably the most pervasive parent.

C is the procedural language . It is also called high level language..

Sir i newly joined C language programming course i am stack when my preceptor gave an assignment of pointer,here beneath i will mention my project which i made please advice would this program are executible or not also advice where i am wrong.Thanks


int main()


int a=5;
int b=9;
int max;


if (g<h);
printf("the max value %d",&a);
printf("the max value %d,&b);

getch ();
return 0'

Oh thanksss. I'm taking the C programming class. These are just perfect for me to get ready for my class. Thanks a ton!!

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