how can i create a splash screen using NB.Net ?
it was easier using VB6 .:rolleyes:

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right click your project on the Solution Explorer window, click Add, New Item , look for Splash Screen in template window, give it a name and click Add button and your splash screen is ready for action. :)

You must be using vb 2003. Try this site, shows how to create a splash screen from scratch.

You will need to use a submain procedure. Create a splash screen form and create a timer event. Set the timer to how long you want the splash screen to stay visible. On you submain, set your splashscreen to open first and then yoru main form to open second. When the timer close the splash screen, the sub main will open your next form.
Please see this article for more information:


does not working:sad:

i have created all the program forms, but i need to add a splash form know..:?:

use the latest vb

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