How can i load a flash file (.swf) to a webform :?: :?: ..

Plz help ..


hmmm ..

so u guyz don't know the answer ..

ok ..

me too same problem plzz help paladine
he can help us ;-)

aww sweetheart .. i made this thread back in 2004 .. hehe .. nobody helped .. its ok .. i guess by now you figured out how to load it *inshallah* hehe ..

Its a check box you have to tick somwhere in the options ammmmm i forgot :-| ..

:( useless me .. I didn't even note it down!

ok it me hureeict i just logid my friend ID
so I found this problem answer if you gues want answer send me mail and I will be send to your mail the answer It is some you just copy code into webform Html code and it is ok working 100 %..
my mail address is
and shOz you didn't found any method send me mail to

awww .. ^.^ thanks dear .. but i uninstalled that VB thing in 2004 right after i handed in my project :o .. thanks anyway so sweet of you :D ..

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