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Based on the request by Mr. Jamshid i thought why not just start the useful links and tutorials for novice C programmers so they dont have to do a lot of GOOGLE like the one present in Python Forums.

If the moderators like the concept here they can sticky this or delete this post if they dont like it.

If this thread manages to stay, anyone intrested can post any important links or resources they know of and can start a new thread if they have any doubts.

List of free compilers and IDE

1) Codeblocks IDE integrated with MINGW compiler can be downloaded at

2) Bloodshed Dev C++ IDE with MINGW port of GCC as its compiler at

3) Visual Studio Express Edition

4) Pelles C IDE

List of Tutorials

C programming tutorials 4th edition

C standard function reference

Excellent site for free compilers, libraries, tutorials etc.

C programming Notes

Programmign in C

Excellent site a must see for all newbies

Link to many programming tutorials

Pointer and other topic specific resources

Advice and warnings for C

Interfacing ODBC and C

Waiting for the feedback of all the members and would be really happy if you would carry on adding more links to this thread so that a newbie would not have to search a lot on the net regarding how to start on C.


following site is not accessible its showing no authorization

Interfacing ODBC and C

i am plannig to add few more sites here, just checking what are all present here to avoid repetition.

I have been using a computer for sometime but never had time to learn programming. On retirement I now plan to try my hand on programming.
Some browsing gives me an idea (may be incorrect) that I strat straightway with "C" as it is a mid-level language and also I have the book "C for Dummies" with me.
Is my plan OK or shall I try some other language wither a book on that ?
Also I shall be obliged if somebody can give a short guide from this thread Starting " C "

I saw forum Java, after read totural Java, i wonder while...if you want to learn java successfully, you need to study C firstly.
I am a beginner, i want to have a good knownledge about IT. I am going to begin from here;)
Thanks for you help, guy!

Even after starting C, most books (or links) only say what we should do. But the user(for me example) remains ignorant about the "DO NOTS", and by mistake, might indulge into the wrong programming practices. This link will surely help.

hi everyone,
am beginner and i don't really know how to start learning C, but i've got motivation, to learn it. reading your comments guys, i guessed it's not easy to learn it but i'll try to do my best ..

I may well have to learn C and/or C++, run as an interpreter on Excel spreadsheets
( though not ChExcel or anything downloadable from the net ).

First question is the relationship between C and C++.
I understand that C++ is a 'superset' of C.
Does this mean it is possible to study C FIRST and THEN 'add' C++ ?
( Rather than learn how to do something one way with C and then learn a different way for C++ ) .

Second, what, if anything, is the significance of using an interpreter rather than a compiler ? Thanks.

Does this mean it is possible to study C FIRST and THEN 'add' C++ ?

You can study either in either order. C++ did not implement C 100%, there are a few differences.

if anything, is the significance of using an interpreter rather than a compiler ?

AFIK executation speed. It's a little like the difference between walking and riding in a car, they will both get you there but one will get you there a lot faster than the other.

Orwell Dev-C++:

It's nice only if you also like driving a Model-T automobile made 100 years ago.

It's nice only if you also like driving a Model-T automobile made 100 years ago.

Orwell is the current and maintained build of Dev-C++. If we were talking about the Bloodshed build I'd agree with you, but for those who like the Dev-C++ IDE, Orwell is a decent modern choice that won't hold you back.

starting with c is not a tough job yet,there needs a hardwork.for new learners learn c by balagurusamy and let us c by yeswant kanikar may be useful.

My turn to start on C - Thank you all for providing such a wonderful and detailed tutorial and link to super useful websites! Expect some interesting snippets soon (i hope)

hello guys.
I have recently learnt C in my course. It is a base language. If you want to learn c with the base then E balagurursamy is the best writer for it. And never depend on only one source. Instead of search it on many websites then prepare your notes. You will get very nice matter.

C is the very basic computer language .It is easy to learn.But nowadays its usage is very low.because of other advanced languages

Hey C is not used so much now a days. But it is a mother language. For example: at first we learn abcd means alphabets to play(learn) with english. Same here, when we learn other computer languages the basic fundas of that language comes from c. This is my experience because now i m learning data structures and c++ then the fundamental theme comes from c

Sir i newly joined C language programming course i am stack when my preceptor gave an assignment of pointer,here beneath i will mention my project which i made please advice would this program are executible or not also advice where i am wrong.Thanks


int main()


int a=5;
int b=9;
int max;


if (g<h);
printf("the max value %d",&a);
printf("the max value %d,&b);

getch ();
return 0'
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